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Traditional art with punk style

You surely ask what the purpose of the title above. Traditional arts in the style of punk?

What happens? The answer is Punklung.

Punklung here comes from a subset of punk children from the area Cicalengka (Bandung) that have a hobby of playing music.

Punklunk is the abbreviation of the words Punk and Calung.

Play music that is very different with punk music in general. Punklung that make this different from other punk music is a tool that they use.

They use Calung. Of course this will make you wonder and confused !

How can music be played with Punk music using traditional instruments such Calung which is only made of bamboo!

Of course, is what they become unique. Punk style and music equipment Calung their work.

From 2004, the start of the party hajatan, campus to campus, to the national stage, they never do.

Songs that they bring a lot of theme things.

Start from the spirit of encouragement for the young, the dilapidated condition of education, those who are oppressed, …

Exemption struggle Frequency 2.4GHz

At the time you read this article, perhaps using the Internet radio is the only fair-fair for most of Indonesia.You will be quite surprised to see that this will push off the back once with the fact abroad. Not many countries in the world who are able to implement large-scale wireless Internet such as in Indonesia with the speed of approximately 2000 new node every month in 2005.All of this is the result of a long process of educating many colleagues in Indonesia are able to create the infrastructure for Internet & telekomunikasinya without much government assistance, without any debt to the World Bank or IMF. Be pursued even more chase each apparatus, the police and take on the equipment because it was originally before the date of 5 January 2005, most of the Wireless Internet users in Indonesia steal the frequency and use without permission from the government at all.Combatants of the Wireless Internet, especially in the workshop organisir by Michael Sung…

Wisata SEO Sadau : About Tarakan

Tarakan is a city in East Kalimantan province of Indonesia, with geographical coordinates are; Latitude 3°18' and Longitude 117°38'E.

Picture taken with the use of Google Earth version 5.0

Located on the island with the same name, Tarakan Island, east of the coast of Borneo, the city comprises 250.80 km² with the total population of 169,951 as of 2006.
Location and strategic position has been able to make the district as one of the Tarakan center industry in the area of northern East Kalimantan, so the Government need to improve the status to be in accordance with City Administrative Regulations Government No.47 Year 1981.

Anniversary and History of Tarakan

Tarakan according to folklore comes from the language tidung "continence" (meet) and "Ngakan" (eat), which literally can mean "place of rest for the fishermen to eat, meet and make a barter of the catch with the other fishermen.

In addition Tarakan is also a meeting place, Kayan Rive…

National Monument

The National Monument, or "Monas" as it is popularly called, is one of the monuments built during the Sukarno era of fierce nationalism.

The top of the National Monument (Monas) is Freedom Square.

It stands for the people's determination to achieve freedom and the crowning of their efforts in the Proclamation of Independence in August 1945.

Monas was officially open on 17th August 1961 by President Soekarno, and publicly open on 12th July 1971.

National Monument is located at Jalan Taman Silang Monas, Central Jakarta.

This structure was built on August 17, 1961 which work was completed only in 1975 and for the construction of this monument; Indonesian experts like Ir. Rooseno, Ir. Sudarsono and even Ir. Soekarno himself were involved in the architectural planning.

The attraction available such as panorama of Jakarta, struggling diorama, the record of proclamation text by the President Ir. Soekarno and duplicate of Indonesian army clothes and Indonesian ma…

Bunaken National Marine Park

Bunaken is part of the Bunaken National Marine Park, which has some of the highest levels of marine biodiversity in the world.

Scuba diving attracts many visitors to the island.

Bunaken is located at the north of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It belongs administratively to the municipality of Manado.

The Bunaken National Marine Park was formally established in 1991 and is among the first of Indonesia's growing system of marine parks.

The park covers a total surface area of 890.65 km², 97% of which is overlain by sparkling clear, warm tropical water.

The remaining 3% of the park is terrestrial, including the five islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain and Siladen.

Although each of these islands has a special character, it is the aquatic ecosystem that attracts most naturalists.

The waters of Bunaken National Marine Park are extremely deep (1566 m in Manado Bay), clear (up to 35-40 m visibility), refreshing in temperature (27 to 29 °C) Pick any of group of intere…

KPU completed the count

The General Elections Commission (KPU) looks set to finish counting votes from April's nationwide ballot today and will announce the final results to the public tomorrow.

I Gusti Putu Artha, a member of the polling body, confirmed Thursday that the polling body had finished the vote count in 29 provinces two days before the scheduled deadline.

The final tallies in Bengkulu, Central Sulawesi and Papua are waiting verification before the overall result can be approved in a plenary session Friday.

"The vote count in North Maluku will be conducted Friday morning and completed that same day," he said in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to data from the KPU manual count, as of May 7 the Democratic Party (PD) was in front with 20.2 million votes (21.04 percent), followed by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) with 13.9 million votes (14.52 percent).

The Golkar Party slipped to third position with 13.7 million votes (14.23 percent) while the Prosperous Justice …

Indonesia's exports need boost

Indonesia has several highly competitive export commodities that have yet to gain a greater share in international markets due partly to lack of overseas promotion.

A recent study by the central bank has suggested 20 categories of products with high productivity and revealed comparative advantage (RCA) but having only minor shares in export markets.

RCA is defined as a macroeconomic concept for calculating the relative advantage or disadvantage of a given country in a certain technological field.

Among the commodities that fail to live up to their potential are rubber-made goods, pulp and paper.

"For non-favored export commodities, like pulp and paper products and rubber-made products we have small export market shares but high productivity and RCA levels," the central bank said in its study.

"Shares of such commodities against Indonesia's total exports can be further increased."

However, the Industry Ministry's director for forestry and plan…

Obama declares US not at war with Islam

Barack Obama, making his first visit to a Muslim nation as U.S. president, declared Monday the United States "is not and will never be at war with Islam."

Calling for a greater partnership with the Islamic world in an address to the Turkish parliament, Obama called the country an important U.S. ally in many areas, including the fight against terrorism.

He devoted much of his speech to urging a greater bond between Americans and Muslims, portraying terrorist groups such as al Qaida as extremists who did not represent the vast majority of Muslims.

"Let me say this as clearly as I can," Obama said. "The United States is not and never will be at war with Islam.

In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical ... in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject."

The U.S. president is trying to mend fences with a Muslim world that felt it had been blamed by America for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

For instance, at a …

Philippines typhoon surge


A powerful typhoon dumped heavy rains, triggered landslides and left at least 10 people dead and four missing in the northern Philippines, officials said Friday.

Typhoon Cha-hom was packing maximum winds of 75 miles (120 kilometers) per hour when it made landfall overnight in Pangasinan province, north of Mania.

It rapidly weakened into a tropical storm after crossing the mountains of Cordillera and Sierra Madre, and continued to lose strength as it moved away from the country, forecasters said.

Nine people were killed in landslides in two villages in Ifugao province's Kiangan town, popular for its mountainside rice terraces, the National Disaster Coordinating Council reported. The dead include children ages 10-15 years.

Another person died of a heart attack in northwestern Zambales province, and 10 people were injured during the storm, while another four were reported missing, NDCC said.

Several areas in Pagasinan were isolated by flooded roads. Authorities moved hundreds…

Google’s Strength May Be Part of

(Kevin J. O’Brien) BERLIN — Microsoft will argue against a European Commission proposal that it promote competing browsers in its Windows operating system on the ground that such a move would strengthen its rival Google’s dominance in the global search-advertising market, according to a person with direct knowledge of Microsoft’s legal defense.

The company will make the argument at a June hearing in Brussels as part of an antitrust inquiry about the packaging of its Internet Explorer browser with Windows, which powers more than 90 percent of the world’s personal computers.

The person with knowledge of Microsoft’s legal strategy, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the case, said that Microsoft would outline what it saw as the damaging effects to the search-advertising industry of incorporating competing browsers — like Firefox from Mozilla or Chrome from Google — into Windows.

Mozilla derives the bulk of its income from the fees it r…

RI hands over ratified UNCTOC document

Handing over: Rainer Louhanapessy (second left), Charge d’Affaires of the Indonesian Embassy/Permanent Mission to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Vienna, shows the ratified instrument of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crimes (UNCTOC) to the United Nations legal adviser from the Office of the Legal Affairs, Annebeth Rosenboom (third right), before handing over to her in Vienna recently, while Foreign Ministry’s director for international security and disarmament Desra Percaya (left) and other UN staff members look on. Courtesy of the Indonesian Permanent Mission to the UN in Vienna.
Indonesia has handed over the document of the ratification of the UN transnational crimes convention to the United Nations recently, during the 18th Session on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna, Indonesia’s Permanent Mission to the UN and other International Organizations in Austria says.
Under the United Nations Convention Ag…

Hacker demands $10M

Days after a hacker claimed to have broken into a database and encrypted millions of prescription records at the Virginia Department of Health Professions, it remains unclear what happened.

Whistleblower Web site last Sunday carried a report from an anonymous poster who said that the secure site for the Virginia DHP Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) had been broken into by a hacker who made a $10 million ransom demand.

The alleged ransom note posted on the PMP site claimed that the hacker had backed up and encrypted more than 8 million patient records and 35 million prescriptions and then deleted the original data.

"Unfortunately for Virginia, their backups seem to have gone missing, too. Uhoh," the hacker is supposed to have said in his note, a copy of which was available on Wikileaks.

"For $10 million, I will gladly send along the password," for decrypting the data, the supposed hacker wrote.

The expletive-laden note goes on to say that a…

Windows 7 RC security risks

Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) continues a long-running Microsoft practice that puts users at risk, a security researcher said today.

The new operating system's Windows Explorer file manager still misleads users about the true extension of a file, said Patrik Runald, chief research advisor at Helsinki-based F-Secure Corp.

Rather than reveal the full extension for a filename, Windows Explorer hides the extension for known file types, giving hackers a way to disguise malware by using those file types' extensions
and icons.

Windows Explorer, for example, will show the .txt icon and display "attack.txt" as the filename for a Trojan horse that's actually been named "attack.txt.exe" by the hacker.

The practice goes back to at least Windows NT, and has been criticized in the still-popular Windows XP and the newer Windows Vista.

"People typically look at the icon to know what the file is," said Runald. "If it looks like a Word doc …

Outbreak of swine flu in Asia


The virus has largely spared the region. South Korea remained the only Asian country with confirmed cases of swine flu, or the H1N1 virus, while China on Thursday released a group of people quarantined for a week after being on the same flight as a Mexican man diagnosed with swine flu.
Dozens in Hong Kong were also expected to regain their freedom soon. But delegates at the Bangkok meeting said there was no room for complacency.
They said this two-day conference would be a chance to boost cooperation among governments that already are considered among the world's most prepared because of their experience responding to the SARS outbreak in 2003 and bird flu since then.
Hundreds of police and troops in battle gear ringed the hotel in downtown Bangkok wher…

Google Earth unveil secrets

When Google Earth added historical maps of Japan to its online collection last year, the search giant didn't expect a backlash.

The finely detailed woodblock prints have been around for centuries, they were already posted on another Web site, and a historical map of Tokyo put up in 2006 hadn't caused any problems.

But Google failed to judge how its offering would be received, as it has often done in Japan. The company is now facing inquiries from the Justice Ministry and angry accusations of prejudice because its maps detailed the locations of former low-caste communities.
The maps date back to the country's feudal era, when shoguns ruled and a strict caste system was in place. At the bottom of the hierarchy were a class called the "burakumin," ethnically identical to other Japanese but forced to live in isolation because they did jobs associated with death, such as working with leather, butchering animals and digging graves.
Castes have long since be…