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How to Cleanup and Remove Old USB Storage Drivers

USB Mass Storage devices include:
* External hard drives and optical drives, including CD and DVD drives
* Portable flash memory devices
* Digital cameras
* Digital audio players & portable media players
* Card readers
* Portable gaming systems
* Mobile phones
One possible cause of USB Mass Storage Device problems: Windows can get "confused" by all the old (and sometimes conflicting) USB storage driver data that tends to collect and remain installed on a PC

Here's why: By default, Device Manager only displays drivers of connected devices so the drivers you see in Device Manager aren't the only USB storage drivers that are really there! You probably still have drivers installed for devices you once connected then disconnected long ago!
•    Windows installs drivers for a USB Mass Storage device when you first plug it in to a port
•    Windows sometimes installs the same driver for the same device each time you connect it to a different port!
•    Problem is