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SEO Tips and Trick Part IV (END)

76. Don’t create pages of links (AVOID)
Pages of links are boring both for your customers and for search engines. Most search engines value links that are in context and appear related to the page as a whole. Note, however, that many social networking sites (like Digg and tend to favor pages that are lists of links, so sometimes it can be advantageous to write them anyway, just don’t expect them to rank high in search engines.

77. Don’t link to and from the same site repeatedly (AVOID)
This is also called link spamming. At best, search engines will look at the links you have on your page, and only count the first one or two towards optimization. And at worst, your site might appear to be a spammer, even if you’re not linking to a “bad neighborhood” or are in a cross-linking scheme. You want to avoid looking like you are paying for links.

78. Don’t get into link circles (cross-linking) (AVOID)
When several sites have links set up in a circular (or more complex) pattern (si…

SEO Tips and Trick Part III

51. Don’t link a lot to external sites (LOW PRIORITY)
Linking to sites not on your site is a good idea, but don’t fill up your pages with them. At best, you will dilute the effectiveness of your page in the search engines, and at worst your page will look like a list of links and get slightly penalized by search engines. Also, when you have lots of external links, you have more to check on a regular basis, to make sure that those pages don’t go bad or turn into “bad neighborhoods”.

52. Register a separate domain instead of a sub-domain (LOW PRIORITY)
Subdomains are a nice way to create new websites without needing to register a new domain. This site is a subdomain of – But subdomains are not as recognized by search engines (or customers for that matter) as separate sites. For example, most people who link to my site link to it with a title of “” But if you were to go to, you’d get a very different impression of my site than the tr…

SEO Tips and Tricks Part II

26. Put your keyword phrase in the first paragraph (MEDIUM PRIORITY)
Repetition of your keyword phrase is important in your content. But it’s especially important in the first one or two paragraphs of text. And if you can repeat it once in the first paragraph that will help up it’s priority.

27. Put your keyword phrase at the top of the HTML (MEDIUM PRIORITY)
More than just the first paragraph, you should try to move your content towards the top of the HTML document. And that includes your keyword phrase.

28. Put your keyword phrase in alternative text (MEDIUM PRIORITY)
Images are a great place to put your keyword phrase – in the alternate text. This is a way to add your keyword phrase into your document without being repetitive to your readers. But be careful not to overdo it – as you don’t want to appear to be keyword stuffing. That could get your site banned.

29. Increase the font size of your keyword phrase (MEDIUM PRIORITY)
Search engines understand that fonts that are larger tha…

SEO Tips and Tricks Part I

This is100seotips and tricksthat I have outlinedthe bloggers.
Please readthis carefullyandpromptlydone.

1.Write great content (HIGH PRIORITY)
Great content is where it all starts. You can have all the keywords in the world, but if your content is no good, people won’t stick around on your site and search engines won’t find your site valuable.

2. Write unique content (HIGH PRIORITY)
Unique content is important too. You need to provide content that has different information than what is on other sites and other Web pages.

3. Add new content all the time (HIGH PRIORITY)
Sites that have new content added on a regular basis are seen as more reliable than sites that rarely do. This also helps you to increase the amount of relevant content on your site, which also improves your rankings.

4. Create a great keyword phrase (HIGH PRIORITY)
The first thing you should do when working on search engine optimization is find a great keyword phrase for that page. You shouldn’t try to optimize your entir…