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How To: Handle expired access tokens

One of the most frequently asked for “How-To” requests from developers is how to handle invalid access tokens. Access tokens for users can become invalid due to various reasons. In most cases, they can expire if it’s past the time specified by the ‘expires’ field (by default access token have a 2 hour lifetime). What many developers do not realize is that an access token can also expire if a user changes her password, logs out or if she de-authorizes the app via the App Dashboard. It is very important that your apps handle such situations. If your access token expires, you need to reacquire a valid access token.
This post will walk you through how you can ensure that you are handling and recovering from these situations gracefully. It assumes that you are familiar with our server-side authentication flow.
We will discuss 4 different scenarios:
The token expires after expires time (2 hours is the default).The user changes her password which invalidates the access token.Th…