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Firefox Error Code: sec_error_revoked_certificate

whenbrowsing,do you everhave problems likethis:

I experiencedthiswhenI try to accessa site. 
By default, Firefox do OSCP now. It check the issuer of the security certificate and ask him if the issued certificate has not been notified as compromized by the customer.

Cek and read this page:support.mozilla

Unfortunately, this is the case. The certificate used by the site is no more guaranteed by the issuer. This is a very rare issue and quite problematic. Contact the site owner so that it can fix it.
I never saw this error before, but maybe you can add an exception temporarily.

Theni founda waytofix the problem. In a pinch you can disable OCSP:
in a FF3 browser location bar type "about:config"
in the filter box, type "security"
double-click the entry "security.OCSP.enabled" and change the 1 to a 0

if you are experiencingissues aroundfirefox,pleasevisit : mozilla