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Who is Onno W Purbo ?

Widodo Onno Purbo (born in Bandung on 17 August 1962) was a leader (later better known as a specialist in the area) information technology origin Indonesia.

Onno's father, Hasan Poerbo, is a professor in the environmental field ITB. Robstah ITB entry on the faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1981.

Six years later,he pass with the Best Predicate. After that, Onno goes to study in Canada with a scholarship from the PAU-ME.

RT / RW-Net is one of the many ideas Onno, who fret Internet History of Indonesia.

He is also active in writing the information technology media, seminars, national and international conferences.

Believe filosofy copyleft, many published writings on the internet for free.

Brief resume
Former Civil Affairs Officer, since February 2000.Former Lecturer in the Bandung Institute of Technology, since February 2000. Based on the Decree No Education. 533/K01.2/KP. 04.2/SK/2000 dated 28 February 2000 on Dismissal with Hormat as Civil Affairs Officer…